We are a company that specializes in the production of technical rubber products in the vulcanization process especially for the footwear industry. Our mission is to deliver high quality products to our customers to help them increase the efficiency of their production.

Presses are loaded and unloaded manually. Our operation is supported by the IT system that distributes and monitors each order. We have ISO Quality Management Implementation implemented.

1 500 000 

Pair capacity per year

The press cycle is controlled by a computer unit without any intervention by the user. The computer performs a diagnosis and evaluation of the deviation from the set operating parameters (temperature, pressure, time) and stores all the vulcanization parameters of each manufactured product.

Company history

Bamipa was established in 2000, linking to the tradition of producing shoe components that had been in the premises for years before. Since 2002, we have started to specialize in the production of footwear for the footwear industry.

Customer relations

We maintain excellent relationships with our customers and provide tailor-made services that make us strong and long-term partners. Our successful clients include companies such as Lowa and Adidas. Our products after final processing are used by satisfied end customers all over the world. We also have experience with the most demanding procedures that are needed for the production of footwear for trekking, working, motorbike, military, fire, medical, etc.

Strategy and Growth

As part of Bamipa's growth strategy, we are committed to constantly innovating our manufacturing processes as well as the services we provide to our customers. The quality of input raw materials as well as output products is regularly checked in the laboratory. Thanks to our high demands on quality, we can satisfy even the most demanding clients. Besides the standard structure of the company, we have successfully introduced two external departments: the design department and the mold manufacturing department. We provide our customers with comprehensive services ranging from redisign and upgrading of old models to completely new shoe and shoe designs through the production of models and molds for the production of racks to the sole production of high quality mixes.

Environmental liability

Bamipa is aware of its responsibility and its share of the state of the environment, which it lays for the next generation. Effectively, we use the resources at our disposal, that is, rational use of heat and electricity, and environmentally friendly and safe disposal of waste. In addition to being environmentally friendly, it also saves our costs for increased efficiency, so we can concentrate on further enhancing quality.

Social responsibility

The core of our company is our employees. We communicate with them at all stages of the production process and create a pleasant and attractive work environment. Our philosophy is: "The basic prerequisites for a healthy growth of the company are not only satisfied clients but also satisfied employees."


Bamipa owns the ISO 9001 Quality Management System certificate and works with professional external consultants to ensure the highest quality and efficiency of production.

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